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Adsense Won't Work in WordPress?

  1. I tried to put an Adsense code to a "text" sidebar but it wouldn't display the ads. Does Adsense works with WordPress account?

  2. Hello there,
    This is to let you know that adsense is not allowed on blogs. Please read this carefully Please also read the ToS most particularly the purple part.

    Advertising on our blogs at is limited to a single affiliate link on our About page or in our sidebar only. And we cannot use our blogs to drive traffic to third party sites.

    If you want a monetized blog then you're in the wrong place. You can hire a web host and download a free blog template from as those blogs run on different software and have different policies.

  3. For clarity I would like to amend my first sentence above. It should have read:
    " This is to let you know that blogger initiated adsense is not allowed on blogs."

  4. This covered in the FAQ sticky at the head of the forums here. I suggest that you may want to take a few minutes to review it as it covers a number of topics.

  5. why would you put ads on your blog?

  6. konnichiwaa - is the Pope a catholic ???

    gambatte kudasai

  7. I think the person's blog is not a Is it a self-hosted blog?

  8. /nod to knoizki
    You're right. The blog linked to knonichwaa's username is not a wordpress blog and it's covered with google adsense advertising.

  9. that's an LJ sponsored account

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