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  1. What's the best way to deal with this. I have screenplays on my site, a few of which include sex scenes, some cussing, a few fights, some rough and tumble stuff. I put 'Adult Situations/language' under the title, but this seems more like a magnet. I'd sure hate to get nixed over some unintended faux pas.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. The best course of action and the only viable one is to report your blog to Support Staff and have it flagged as "Mature"
    The result will be that your blog posts tags and categories will NOT appear on global tag pages, but will be indexed by search engines and will appear in their search results.

  3. can make your blog unavailable to search engines.

    Dashboard > Settings > Privacy

  4. Okay, seems easy enough. But people can still find me and access the scripts? They are writing samples I use to find work, so pretty important for me.

  5. ''you can make your blog unavailable to search engines''.

    I get hits from people looking for screenplays. Will that disappear?

  6. My point is, it's only a few. I do have an article on how to write love scenes as well, with samples from exisiting films.

  7. Personally, I think it's enough that you have your blog flagged as mature, and that you have the adult warning posted on your page. That should be enough to let peeps know that what they're reading isn't GP.

  8. Anyone finding your blog through a search engine -- including your name, or the blog name -- would, after a few days, not find your work anymore. If you're using your blog as a resume, you could still send people your URL and they can find you directly.

    Personally, from what you're describing (no porn, just 'Body Heat' kind of stuff?), I don't think you'd warrant an "adult" setting.

  9. Thanks. Yeah, it's pretty tame. Nothing really graphic.

    I sent a message to Support. Thanks everyone. Just want to make sure I'm cool on this.


  10. @guerro
    You're welcome and best wishes for hassle free blogging. :)

  11. Got the thumbs up. All is copacetic.

    Thanks again

  12. @guerro, if you're talking about a small fraction of text on a blog that has a lot of words, staff won't touch your blog.

    We rarely mark blogs mature due to adult/erotic text - not small amounts of it at any rate. And we certainly don't suspend them for that.

  13. Thanks. Yes it is in small amounts - Intimate scenes in screenplay text. Half a page, one max in a 100 to 120 page script. Maybe 3 of the 30 or so I have posted include intimacy - or sex as some would call it! Nothing pornographic.

    Next question, and this may seem really off the wall, but here goes anyways.

    Hypothetical (I hope) - Let's say I piss someone off and they want to exact some revenge. What better place to start then trying to get my blog shut down. I'm as human as the next, and I suppose if one were to go over my blog with a fine tooth comb, they could find some infraction. Maybe even two. Unintended, but an infraction nonetheless.

    My question is, if such an case were to occur, do we get a warning to address it? I ask because some time ago I was a member of an actor's forum, and I posted a link to my site that included some actors bios. Well, turned out this was against the rules and I was not only booted, but every post I had every made was wiped clean. I had been a member for some time, and was very active and a big contributor. It really came a shock to me. No warning, no scratch of the head, just gone.

    I'm sure there are some political blogs here that irk the hell out of opposing camps, and there would be just such a scenario.


  14. By the way, I meant 30 screenplays, not 30 pages. Those and the articles add up to maybe 800 pages, give or take.

    I asked the above follow-up because I can see in the blog stats that this 'hypothetical' person is looking at my site.

  15. @alex: If staff see a blog violating the TOS, they may shut it down with no forewarning. See here too:

    You get a message to contact them, however; if you correct things (or if the blog was shut down by mistake), the blog is promptly reinstated.

    But check this:

    See it in action here:

  16. If your blog is set as Mature, there is no notification, or at least there wasn't when my blog was set as Mature. Once I found out, though, I was able to appeal and get the status overturned.

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