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    Do blogs on WordPress get tagged “adult content” somehow? The reason I ask is that I just wrote a blog post about 20 minutes ago and it has not been showing up under any of the tags I usually post in “Love, Humor, Sex, Life”…I have been posting under the same tags since January, and have not encountered this problem before. Also I don’t consider my blog to be an “adults only” blog; it’s a HUMOUR blog and it’s pretty tame; there are far raunchier blogs I read on a daily basis that show up in the tag listings…so does anyone know what is happening???



    Staff is not marked as Mature.



    At one point staff told me that if you use the Sex or Porn tags your post will get left out of the global tag system, except for those tags. Check your other posts and see if that’s true for them. I think it’s more fluid than that, though.

    Are your other posts showing up in the global pages? There’s a bug going around that prevents them from doing so: to cure it, change your language to anything else, then change it back.

    And yes, blogs can be labelled “Mature”. They get reported via the blue admin bar, under Blog Info->Report as Mature. Staff looks at your blog and decides if it fits or not. If it gets labelled Mature, you’re off the global tag pages alltogether, for all of your posts.



    So I changed the language and changed it back, and now I appear in all the tags!

    Thank you so much for helping me figure that out (and also to Mark for letting me know that my blog is not marked as mature)…I’ve been posting under Sex for almost every post since January, and up until now I hadn’t been left out of the other global tags, so hopefully it was just the bug issue.

    Thanks again for your help! :-)

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