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Adult Material: Would Like Some Feedback

  1. beautyoftheyear

    I am trying to find some educated yet erotic readers to read about my sexual trysts. Feel free to comment, subscribe or whatever. Thanks.

  2. I'm pretty sure if there was a link to your blog I'd be all over it. Perhaps literally.

  3. It was good for a laugh, especially the part about you being a school teacher and fucking black dudes you meet randomly in bad parts of town.

    But... I would have to take too many showers if I read that regularly. My skin would dry out.

  4. I'm all for a good romp, but when I read beyond your trysts I was pleased to find an entertaining read. Your blog is very honest, I like that.

  5. beautyoftheyear

    Thanks for reading. I really appreciate that.

    TheSilentArmy--- I would provide you with soap. And not the cheap hotel soap either.
    I will check your blog out.

    ShesBoxing Clever- Thanks for your feedback.I will check your blog out.

  6. A lot of fun to read. Definitely dirty but in a good way.

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