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Adult Oriented Blogs Allowed?????

  1. I'm reading the TOS carefully and it looks like no sex/adult oriented sites are allowed on WordPress? Is this true? Any examples of adult oriented sites on WordPress?

  2. I think if it's legal, it's allowed here. So nothing about enjoying rape or child porn or anything sick like that. Of the bat, I can't think of any pornblogs here.

  3. @ extranvangza and @babbler
    Yes, there are mature/adult orientated blogs here. They are declared and marked as adult/mature and not-safe-for-work sites.
    In fact there is a button on the front all blogs on the top right hand side it is labeled "blog info" and the drop-down choices are "report as spam" and "report as mature".
    These blogs are not promoted in top posts or top blogs and have suppressed tags.

    @extranvaganza - I'm wondering why do you ask. Could it be possible that the porn spammers haven't found your blog yet and that using the forum won't attract them .. Nah ... no one could be that lucky.

    Setting up a blog here for the purpose of getting third party links to sites selling things is against the TOS. I strongly recommend that you immediately take your queries about the TOS to sysadmin through the use of your feedback key on your dashboard or by sending an email to [email redacted].

  4. Porn spammers sure found me. lol

  5. Yah, I forgot to say that.

    As for porn spam, it would be an improvement over the monotony of the gambling spam.

  6. @nosy and babbler
    As extravangaza is history I think we can mark this thread resolved. If we keep tagging onto it it keeps bumping to the head of the forum so let's please let it fall, fall, fall. Tx.

  7. Quick note that if you do have an adult blog, staff suggests that you send in a feedback and ask for it to be labeled as mature. It's better to do this yourself than to have someone else to stumble across your blog and request it themselves. :)

    Of the bat, I can't think of any pornblogs here.

    I can! :)

  8. @drmike
    You said - "I can! :)"

    I ask - *rotflmbo* Is that a confession?

  9. No, I just keep finding them and folks don't warn when they post in the forums asking for help.

  10. @drmike - I was just kidding - because as you know I have run into them on the forum too. :D

  11. Question: (sorry, posted in wrong thread originally)

    When blogs are reported as "adult" does anyone look at those sites to determine it, or are they automatically put in that category? I have a strong feeling that my blog's been put there, and in my opinion wrongly, but I can't confirm it. I can't check. I've searched WordPress for tags I know nobody else uses, and they don't turn up at all, so I think that means I've been "adulted". What's the procedure for querying this or finding out definitively? I have sent in a feedback.

  12. IMO volunteers don't have the answer and the only people who can answer you are at the other end of your feedback message.

  13. how do i contact the staff via feedback? i'm new to wordpress, and although I do not consider my blog porn or porn-related, others might because of the subject matter and choice words I sometimes use.

  14. use the "Support" link in the upper right of your dashboard or email to support[at]

  15. I see extravagantauctions is now suspended for violation of TOS

  16. Great, can we get Smilie suspended for being a forum-spamming ass?

  17. I second that motion.

  18. Reported.

  19. Well, hopefully not because I've made one. *laughs* It will be marked as mature though.

  20. @masterlynx
    The thread you are allowed to promote your blog in is here

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