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Advanced - Please help: Posting articles from Youtube Profile doesn't work

  1. I have a user profile at youtube and they offer a sharing function to post directly form a video into your WordPress blog. You have to add your WordPress blog first together with the password and everything.
    I have posted several videos but the only change I could see were some new categories but no new article or draft. I tried it logged on and logged off to my WordPress account.
    Please do not explain how to include a video into the article.
    Thanks a lot!

  2. "Please do not explain how to include a video into the article."

    Is that what you meant to say?

    It's my impression that by "Wordpress blog" they mean independently hosted WordPress, not Our parameters for posting here are different.

  3. Thanks. I think they mean the blogs here as well. What do you mean by parameters?

    The articles+videos I posted in this way appeared 2 days later on my blog. Nobody seems to know this function ;-). All of them had a number as a title "12" or "13" (not the title I chose while sharing the video). Everything else worked. The reason for this delay may be that I was logged on on WordPress, as I posted the videos out of youtube... I won't use this option until it works properly. Please reply if you know something new about it.

  4. When you say "I think they mean the blogs here as well" I have to disagree. Unless they specifically say "" they mean independently-hosted WordPress blogs, where the posting protocols and parameters are quite different. For example, here we have to post a YouTube using [youtube=URL] whereas independent WordPress blogs use the embed code, the same as Blogspot does. This difference is why that method of posting isn't working; it's not designed for our blogs here.

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