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    I did: Everything i could. Read, tried.. i know html very well and some php so consider me an advanced user.

    I made a static home page:
    I made a custom template.

    Now all i need is it to display 3 latest posts with “read more” links.

    It gives me 3 last posts alright, but no “read more” links – it skips them to display the full text. I think it has something to do with the page legacy of the template or something..

    Also (not sure if this relates to the same problem – could be a hint for someone) the second post among those three that are displayed on my home page acts weirdly – it’s getting it’s style from the .sidebar class, although i have no single clue why it’s doing that. Obviously it should get a .index-entry-title style as a child of a div with such a class.

    I can not do it :(

    Please help.

    The site is here:

    Thank you very much..



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    Sorry my mistake



    No problem and happy blogging. :)

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