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Advanced Statistics

  1. How I can have advanced statistics like Daily Unique Visitors and IP tracking on my free blog? Thank you.

  2. There are websites that provide more detailed specifics on stats but they aren't affiliated with wordpress.

    I don't use it but a lot of other bloggers use I like widget because you get to see what states and countries your blog visitor are from. And you get graphs that lets you know what time of day you are getting the most traffic and what months you got the most visitors, also you get to see in real time how many people are currently on your blog and what blog post that are on.

  3. Thank you very much, I think statcounter does what i was looking for. Thank you.

  4. I just moved my blog from Blogger and had a sitemeter counter there. Is there a way to install a sitemeter counter here on WordPress? Like installing an HTML code?

  5. If you check your sitemeter code settings you will find the correct code to insert into a

  6. Sitemeter is very popular on, and in fact they just chose a blogger to feature in their newsletter:

  7. I do know my code, but I know in Blogger there's an area to add HTML codes, but I can't find where in the Dashboard to add it on WP (?).

    And BTW, I'm generally liking WP much better so far.

  8. I think people put it in a text widget.

  9. That's what I ended up doing. Thanks so much all! I've tried different counters and I really like Sitemeter the best.

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