Advantages of a domain?

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    What are the advantages of buying domain mapping for my blog?

    Any disadvantages?

    I am going to register my domain through because of free privacy protection (that wordpress doesn’t offer).

    The blog I need help with is



    In a nutshell making the shift to self hosting allows you to have the complete control over your blog theme and function that is not available to bloggers.

    I have written a blog post on the advantages of making the move. How and why to get your own domain

    Another wordpress blogger who has just moved to self hosting shares his 5 reasons for why you should not shift from to



    That being said if you do NOT purchase domain mapping then be aware that the Technorati Authority and Rank as well as the Google Page Rank belong to the sub-domain url for your blog. Therefore, if purchase a domain and move your blog on to it those will disappear unless you also purchase domain mapping.

    Some will tell you it only takes a few months for your blog to regain traffic and PageRank. That was not my experience. My personal blog has never regained the volume of traffic and the PageRank that it previously held.



    Thank you timethief. I’ll try to purchase the mapping tomorrow if my dad brings back my visa card. XD.

    My newest blog is raising in traffic. :3. 600 hits today. o.o. Higher then before and comments are sweet. xD.

    Will both and still work?



    There is a negative effect on SEO, in that any blog on the same domain as 2.5 million other blogs is going to outrank a blog on its own domain, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, especially if you see change in the future of the blog.




    Your will automatically lead to as long as you are domain mapped! For example, I was and domain mapped to and the former leads to latter.

    My PR was 4, it dropped to 0. But existing traffic was not disturbed at all. And I will get this PR back in some time. Your PR is 0 though you are getting great number of hits 3600 in a day as you say (a niche blog).

    You should get your own domain as raincoaster says and you can later shift it to too (though it may be no so rosy; see the link timethief posted).

    I hope you understand that it will only be a domain name change and all the terms and conditions of (like no ads or javascript) still apply to you.



    I was just going to use the domain to be a shorter and easy name to remember, and looks better when giving a link. xD.

    Thank you vikasjnu.

    SEO isn’t that hard to rebuild. I never built mine in the first place. ^^.

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