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Advantages/disadvantages of own hosting

  1. I have been told by somebody that if you transfer wpress to your own domain space sometimes in the future, your links may get messed up in the process of tranfer. Another guy told me that you may lose your technorati ranking. All this is not mentioned in the FAQ

    Can someone please enlighen me on this. Though Ad revenue is a distant dream right now, maybe a few comments there(wp on own domain space) would not be totally out of space.

  2. Links to your blog would break simply because the internet address changes. But posting for people to change that link would sort that.

    Technorati - no idea.

    The FAQ. The difference between hosting elsewhere and here is not just a matter of links. If someone is looking at hosting they need to do the groundwork. And links/rank are a short term issue. And arguably the longer you leave it the worse the jump.

  3. Yes, you'll lose your technorati rating and start again from 50 million. That's because it's a different website. Even if the content is the same, the website is different.

  4. It's not in the FAQ because it's in the Read me first :)

  5. Thanks a lot everybody. That was very informative, drmike.

    Supposing I download wordpress for purposes of cusotmisation but keep the same Would the links still get messed up and technorati ranking still get affected? This may sound a silly but just mooting an idea if it is possible.

  6. You wouldn't be able to keep the domain name. Staff has stated that they won't allocate names off of the servers. It's a royal pain to keep track of modified DNS as well.

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