Adventure Journal 3-column format, sidebar padding differs

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    Hi, I have the css upgrade; I’m using the 3 column format of the Adventure journal theme. For some reason, the padding on the left sidebar is different from the padding on the right sidebar. I’ve used the following css to alter the sidebar padding:

    #secondary .widget,#tertiary .widget {

    I thought this covered both sidebars, but it appears not to be doing so. Please help. If you look at my blog ( the left sidebar is the padding I’d like to emulate for the right sidebar as well. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    I checked and I found there are two sidebars with IDs “secondary” and “tertiary”. You can use a rule like this to highlight the background temporarily to make it easy to see:

    #secondary, #tertiary {
    background: yellow;

    The spacing for the left and right sidebar looks the same to me right now. They are both 220 pixels wide.

    The extra vertical spacing between the image widgets you added on the right side is coming from these rules which come into play when you add image alignment such as right alignment:

    img.aligncenter {
        margin-bottom: 12px !important;

    To adjust them just for the right sidebar, you can make the margin-bottom zero:

    #tertiary img.alignleft,
    #tertiary img.alignright,
    #tertiary img.aligncenter {
        margin-bottom: 0 !important;

    You can change the 0 to a higher number if you’d like.

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