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    Hey guys,

    I was testing the great looking Theme “Adventure Journal” today. When I tested it not only had less functions than mentioned on the developers website (i.e. How can I make the crinkled paper background show up for ALL the posts not just the stickied posts? As of 1.5 this can be easily set from your site’s admin. Simply navigate to Appearance > Adventure Journal and choose this option.) it also looked different (i.e. no paperclip).

    Can some explain this to me or offer help here. They way the theme looks on isn’t very appealing anymore actually …..

    Thanks guys!!!!

    The blog I need help with is



    Please read this section I link to below knowing that the adapted version of the Adventure Journal theme we have here at is the only one that you can use on a free hosted blog.



    The themes which appear in our Dashboards under Appearance>Themes are adapted for use on and do not necessarily have the same functionality as the one for the standalone version of WordPress software.

    Perhaps reading this will help explain the differences between the different versions of WordPress:




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