Adventure Journal Theme: Hiding the Title Box

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    I am brand new to all of this. I’m not an idiot, though, and I was able to figure out a lot on my own through trial and error and Googling. However, there are still a few things I read about that are supposed to be able to be done but I’m not seeing how.

    I have the Adventure Journal theme. I hope you don’t mind a few questions.

    1) I’ve read how you can have the Title and Tagline there for the search engines but hide it from readers. I’ve made a few of my own headers and the Title box is in the way. The fonts are horrible and don’t match my theme. Is this possible with the free theme or do I need to upgrade?

    2) Is there a way to change the fonts or do I need to upgrade? (To me, these things are basic things that should be options.)

    3) Where is the option to show a summary of your post instead of the whole thing? Or, is this a paid option, too?

    If these are options that must be paid for, I’m not sure WordPress is right for me. They give really great themes and ways to make your blog look great, but it’s all for nothing if you have a crappy font that throws off the whole design.

    The blog I need help with is



    1) Some themes allow you to hide the title&tagline text and some don’t:
    In AJ you can’t do it without the Custom Design upgrade.

    2) Without the upgrade you can only change the styling of the content of posts, static pages and text widgets.

    3) A few themes display excerpts by default or optionally, but in most themes you do it manually:



    That must be how WP makes money. They offer great, free things for your blog but make sure they don’t look 100% so they can get you on the upgrades. I really like the Adventure Journal theme so I’ll stick with it for awhile and see if I can make it work.

    I know it’s free and I should be grateful for what I’m getting, and I am, but the sly tricks and gimmicks from companies are getting old. I’m not opposed to upgrading or spending money. Not at all. I just hate being slicked into it.

    Thank you for responding and for your help. I’ll look into your solution for #3. Much obliged.



    You’re welcome. Yes, that’s one of the ways WP makes money.

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