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  1. Im blogging about my adventures after college called "Life After Undergrad". Im an artist who is involved in lots of groups and have plans to move to New York. But until then, Im starting with a countdown to graduation and then onward to ADVENTUREEE! Please visit my blog if you want to see what my life after undergrad has to offer. I would love for you to leave comments or questions! I post everyday.

    Please visit


    The Artistic Chic

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I clicked to your blog pretty intrigued by what you wrote here. But there isn't much said on your blog. Write more in your posts, please! I know it would be great to read if you did!

  3. write more like what?

  4. You're writing your blog like we already know you, and we don't. You're not texting us, give us some thing to read! A story or a picture to go with your daily thoughts and musings. Otherwise it's a bit dull.

  5. @s, I agree with you! It was almost like reading the Twitter account of someone who thinks your best friends... But you have no idea who they are. Tell us what you're thinking, and why? What do you think of the world? What interests you? What is pissing you off today? Make it more personal, and entirely more open!

  6. I agree, I think this blog has potential. If only it actually TOLD us about some adventures!

  7. hmmm...ok, let me do some brainstorming. Thanks for the feedback everyone!

  8. Oh yea, I dont know if you all are talking about the summaries, because each entry has a given summary but if you click the Continue Reading button, you will see the rest of the story. Please let me know if thats what happened to you.

  9. That might be it because I don't get the twitter thing. I see normal-length blog posts which tell just enough to be interesting but not so much that you don't want to hear anymore. Huh.

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