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    if some of you have noticed, the .com and .org versions are somewhat different. with that being said, a few noticeable differences in operation and customization apply.

    I have a few questions.

    the first one being, I would like to look a little more like

    for example:

    the self-hosted version of the theme does not allow you to add widgets into the footer area, any way of changing this?

    also, Im a complete amateur to css, doing this for free for a local group and hopefully not in over my head.

    so onto the questions. keep in mind, these will all relate to the self hosted install.

    besides the footer questions here’s a few more.

    the menu bar, if possible, I would like to relocate to directly underneath the header graphic, and to be of the same width.

    I will also plan on changing the header height later on. so if that affects it, maybe I need to do both now?

    what I’m looking to do with the footer is have it mimic the version I posted earlier, also, if possible add that facebook like box to it as well.

    Also, how do I remove the code references in the comment box?

    I am trying here, definitely enjoying learning all of this, but the last time I used wordpress was years ago, and it is definitely a learning curve to pick up on all of it again.


    The blog I need help with is



    Might be best to ask this information of the theme author or on the WordPress forums since you’re specifically talking about a self-hosted WP site.


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    Not “might be best” but the only way for you to get the right information about changing your theme.

    As you see, the .COM version of that theme (and any other) is not the same as your .ORG version. These forums are for help with wordpress.COM and we (mostly) don’t have experience with the self installed .ORG platform here.


    Hi Sportsmen,

    You have a couple options, you could hire someone to make these minor tweaks – if you go to my website there is a company Tweaky that specializes in making small changes like these for people.

    If you want to re-learn WordPress (WP) yourself, you can probably easily make some of these changes yourself. Basically, if you are using the same theme all you have to do is replicate things exactly between them. Some of those changes are merely adding things into the footer widgets of the self-hosted,, to look like the

    Adding the Facebook box is either a plugin in the sidebar widget area (look on the version) or it might be HTML or PHP code inside a text widget of the sidebar widget area.

    You could also look at getting something like Firebug for your browser which will help you start to learn what certain things on screen look and act as they do, but I would hold off on this for now till you get the basics figured out.

    As 1tess suggests above the theme versions are not going to be exactly the same, but are likely similar enough you can get it most of the way there, but will probably take you lots of trail and effort.

    There are also good WordPress Basics 101 instructional sites and videos on the web from paid places like WPMU to free videos on YouTube – you just have to decide whether you are going to take the time yourself, or pay someone a little bit to get it done right the first time and faster.

    If you have any further questions, happy to help.

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