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  1. princessproblematic

  2. museoftheworld

    Thanks : ) mine is . Lots of weird humourous stuff, with a few songs thrown in for good measure. Look forward to checking yours out.

  3. Heres Mine
    i just started today,
    so dont expect to be blown away

    (yetttt ;) )

  4. waiiiittt...
    my hyperlinks messed up =0!
    my blog is

  5. I started mine just yesterday too.

    It's a website showing chihuahuas every day. That's the aim anyway.

  6. I post my prints and drawings:
    Thanks for checking it out!

  7. Nonono...advertise your blogs HERE!

  8. Hi

    This is my site

    about what is happening in Southern Spain.


    It's new, and I want to promote my art more. Yay shameless plugging!!!!!

  10. Mine no need to advertise...
    A grand number of visitors will visit everyday, like 1 or 2. LOL~

  11. You mean in thousands, Scope?

    My blog doesn't need to advertise either -- I do!

  12. poetry, poetry, poetry:

  13. snownation: you have a chihuahua blog and yet your avatar hosts a husky?

  14. I just started my blog today. I have a small craft business and sell my items on

    Here's my blog if you want to take a peek:

  15. My mad rants towards our professional politicians and government @

  16. Hey all,

    Just updated my GoPod website to WP and modified the theme a bit:

    Love WP,


  17. Hi I started my blog 2-3 days ago

    If you have something to say about websites or anything associated with it and wish to contribute to this blog, please register and start submitting your articles for approval..

    Yes you guessed it I'm looking for writers with a head for anything web...

  18. :-0 looks like I made a boo boo with my link!!


    This blog possesses more excitement then the world series, superbowl, and world cup combined if there was a way to incorporate topless women with these sporting events.


    i talk about random shiz
    usually shiz i like
    just started a couple days ago


    if you looking for some wedding tips or you have something to say


    a pokemon site with contests, polls and sometimes pokespecials (reviews on other nintendo games)

  23. Just getting into blogging but I have always been a music lover, so I thought why not start one. It's still in the beginning stages but I thinks it's worth a look:

  24. Here's mine... it's a story unfolding RIGHT NOW, written from two different perspectives. -- his side and -- her side.

  25. createdbychristina

    This is my short story blog and I'd love to get some feedback.
    This is just a few sentences. Also some other stuff too...comedy.
    Check it out and please comment.

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