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  1. I'm new. My blog page is pretty simple I guess.
    Have a look ? :)

  2. If you like contemporary poetry that makes you thing, check mine out. =]

  3. winnieeverlasting

    just a blog about a girl who is very random, and will sometimes go days between posts, to the utter annoyance of my readers! 0_o didn't think i had any, didja?
    I am also a crazy person, and this seems to appeal to lots of people, though i can't imagine why. Do YOU find anything crazy about a girl who simply enjoys the holidays, and wants to make them last all year long? or has two cats, and sometimes thinks that they are really Animagi, waiting until just the right moment to whisk me away to a world full of magic, where i will kidnap and force into marriage a certain tall, blonde, assface who goes by the name Lucius? cuz i think it's quite normal. I also tend to ramble, which makes for some very interesting posts, that jump from something kind of... deep, to something totally retarded, that knocks off about 14 iq points from anyone who reads it!! have fun, if you dare to click on my happy little user name, there.

  4. Come and read Lily child
    Yack Alleys

  5. If you believe life is a bizarre dream cluttered by dark humor, glamour, and extravagance...

  6. Great song lyrics
    "My heart stays the same"
    Yack Alleys
    Lyrics to Racmaninov's variation on a theme of Paginini 18, which you can listen to. :)

  7. Hi frienz.. plezd to meet u all.
    hope this works.

  8. This site is intended for all WP bloggers to share what is on their mind without having to blog about it. Anybody is welcomed. Just about any kind of post goes. If you become a regular your blog's rss feed will end up in the rotating rss feed sidebar (rotates usually once a day). We hope you enjoy the site. PS: Don't forget to plug your blog.

  9. Your No.1 e-zine about learning Japanese!

    Subscribe now!

  10. A blog of my travels, beer and more.

  11. Hey guys/ to the forum here. Wanted to let everyone know that I have started a blog at and everyone is welcome to check it out (subscribe if you are feeling friendly) and read my opinions and share your own. I really like talking wrestling and related subjects, such as wrestling books/dvd reviews and whatnot. So swing on by! Thanks!

  12. Damson jam~a poem
    Moonlight shadow, moonlight shadow
    I don't want to be mantled with you
    cold and unfriendly as you are
    and chilled with the midnight dew.....more
    The Rhyming Yack

  13. A blog of my travels, beer and more.


    A blog about disability through a teenagers eyes.

    LATEST BLOG: Raving in wheels and lumps on the road...

    Ali x

  15. A turgid stem
    The Rhyming Yack

  16. winnieeverlasting

    Want to see how close to drunk a person can get without ever touching alcohol? just read my blog. some posts are over the top mushy, whilst others are full of angst and hate (lol). in one post i think i mention junior year alot more then i should. it's all still a bit hazy, though.

  17. Rookie Photographer's Journey....(Adhvan) .

  18. Reality Chic: Because real people don't wear sparkle pants to Olive Garden!

  19. story of my life, on a daily basis - it's fresh.

    with new music, plenty of pictures, and crazy randomness - i think many enjoy it
    take a loooksiee :)

  20. Started a design and technology blog.

    Also got an additional design blog, that focuses more on furniture, home living and product design:

  21. The diary of a gay teen who has nothing better to do with his time then whine to the internet about how his day went surviving high school. This is my blog; read it if you ever want to become tired, sad, depressed, angry, insane or you want to laugh. I try to post every day (even though I fell a little behind this month) so you should always have something new to read.

  22. Don't you just LOVE another photoblog? Fresh from the amateur' press, we present to you:

    The Photo and the Anatomy

  23. Actually, starsquid, yes I do!

    The first of a series from my recent trip to the dusty dunghole of Twentynine Palms, California:…lue-sky-resort/

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