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  1. I have in other posts don't worry.


    Real Estate News, tips & my life

    my journey on starting a career in real estate

  3. A look into the mind of an rising musician, thought provoking conversation, photos, and links as well as some creative writing (poetry) splashed throughout the site. gives you a firsthand look from someone pushing through the crowd and enjoying every step along the way....

    xoxo Kymlee


    "The Shadows of my Mind" - my own personal blog where I post about everything from life in general to tattoos, the paranormal, art and internet marketing. Please visit, subscribe and let me know what you think :)

  5. its funny, i never new we had showcase, i was publicisn my blog in d rong place
    so i got in trouble
    so just advice, dont publisice ur blogs in the normal forums, its for technical stuff
    check out dis blog


    my wordpress blogs is going to be for all things geek. so far its only got a few posts on portable software but im working on it. check it out

    My blog is pretty random. I write about my life, movies, music, etc etc.


    My ramblings and rants mainly about gaming(nearly any variety) with the guys and life in general when it decides to take that dive.


    my progress with google adSense and google Adwords.

    Marketing notes for a small family business.

    also check out

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