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Advertisement appearing in Blog

  1. I know that WordPress will have some sort of advertisement technique with it's blogs.However just want to verify that the advertisement appear in my bottom of the webpage with source link [also contains script Google_ads.js] is hosted by official WordPress or not?
    Here is the advs screenshot :

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It is simply not possible for anyone else to put ads on your blog: not even you. So yes, they're really put there by

  3. Since when did WP start putting images in the ads? Last we knew, they were "discrete" text ads. This is going to be a game-breaking issue for me.

  4. Since last year at LEAST. You can always buy the No Ads Upgrade if you're concerned.

  5. If I'm going to pay more to get rid of the ads, I'll pay for my own server space.

  6. $30 per year for the no ads upgrade vs about $100 per year for hosting + all the extra work involved in backups, upgrades, installations, troubleshooting and fixing things when your site goes boom.

  7. But when you've got several sites on, that makes it worth it.

  8. I'm not following you: you'll need to buy hosting for each of them if you want to move all of them.

  9. Nope, one account can take several installations. And requires you pay the no-ad fee for each blog. I come out cheaper fleeing, and will.

  10. WP has been showing image and Flash ads since at least mid-2008. They may have been 'discreet' for a couple of weeks in 2006, but, basically, if you're only showing the ads on selected pageviews you can't afford to be tasteful.

  11. Didn't know that. What I read on the site was different, as I recall. But now we know.

    The ad I saw was some game ad with a guy tied to a wall with a hatchet in him. Flashing colors and movement. Tacky, at the very least.


  12. WordPress.COM seems to have been trying some different Ad companies that have not always had the best of content.

    Take a screen shot of the Ad and pitch a complaint to the Staff - they have already removed some Ad providers because of inappropriate content.

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