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  1. jennifercoxdesign

    How do I put an advertisement on my page? I have been contacted by someone I would love to have a link to on my page but I don't know how.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Can't. The only ads allowed on your blog are either the standard ones WordPress puts on, or if you become a member of their "WordAds" program.

    According to the WordPress TOS, any ads you put on -- links, banners, whatever -- are grounds for having your blog suspended.

  3. jennifercoxdesign

    Is the word ads program worth it? Do you do it?

  4. I've never applied for it, or been invited... but, from what I've read and heard, your blog will have to have a monstrous amount of 'hits' every day for it to pay off at all. For the 90% of blogs that 'only' receive 10-1000 hits per day you'd be looking at pennies, not dollars.

    Try these links:

  5. Yep, with a thousand hits a day you're looking at less than ten dollars a month in income from WordAds.

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