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    Advertisements are suddenly appearing on my blog site, both on the blog page and on the back-end pages. I did not sign up for this, nor did I receive any notice from WordPress about placing ads on my site. Is this being done by a WordPress, or has my blog site become infected by an outside source? Has anyone else experience this?

    The blog I need help with is


    What type of ads are you seeing and where are they located?

    You may have a contaminated browser add-on, toolbar or extension.


    They’re ads for all kinds of products and always appear on the top of the pages (with a disclaimer ‘ad not by this site’). Do you know how I can decontaminate the browser (googlechrome)? thanks!



    re: ads not by this site
    Disable all your browser add-ons and then enable them one at a time to locate the culprit add-on so you can uninstall it. Not all of these are easy to unintsall but that one may be.


    What type of ads are you seeing and where are they located?


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