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    so i’d been troubleshooting why (oh why) a new post would absolutely refuse to display — anywhere. on the home page, an empty space where the content should be. any direct links go to the post page displaying only a comment box.

    i found the problem: my post had “advertisements” listed as a tag in it. as soon as i removed that tag, the post showed up. just to check, i tried it with a second post. it’s a replicable problem. bonified.

    weird. i am glad that it’s resolved.

    hopefully, this FYI will help someone else out that encounters this or a similar problem with another tag preventing their post from showing up.

    The blog I need help with is ayoungethan.wordpress.com.


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    That’s odd because apparently lots of folks use that tag:



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    Hey, don’t ever let anyone know you can type when you apply for a job. ;;-)


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    Almost as mindless is this one:



    thanks for the reply, all. i just checked it all out again…

    when I create a post and it has the tag “advertisements” it doesn’t show up properly. as soon as i remove the tag, the post shows up normally.

    it’s still a problem on my blog — i can’t use that word as a tag — well, i can, but the post won’t appear if i do ;)


    Adblockplus for Safari seems to block any URL with ad, ads, advertisement, etc. in it, and I’ve found the adblockplus addon for Firefox does sometimes as well.



    that’s it! that’s the ticket! i disabled adblockplus, reloaded the page and it appears. so it was a local problem…

    well, hopefully this post will be helpful for the next person that experiences this issue



    If you are using Safari adblock, there is no way to “whitelist” things, but with the FF version you can. Not sure which version you are using.

    And of course you are welcome.

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