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    I know advertising is not allowed on WordPress blogs, but has anyone ever hosted a WordPress blog on one of WP’s hosting partners? I’m looking to have advertisements and understand this is the only way.

    How easy is the integration from WordPress hosting to the hosting partner?

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


    It can be real easy. I use Godaddy and they have a one click installer for wordpress.

    You will also need your own domain and hosting though so its $30 up front.

    After that you just go to tools –> export on your .com blog, and tools –> import on your new blog.



    Sweet. Ok, cool. I already have my domain through GoDaddy (, the blog’s just hosted through WordPress. So I’m guessing I won’t have to pay that $30 up front?

    How does the interface look when it’s hosted through GoDaddy? Obviously, I won’t still log in through, right? Do they have a good dashboard?


    You would have to pay $5 a month for wordpress hosting.

    There dashboard is too bad. It can get confusing though.


    Not too bad*

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