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Advertising and setting up a store

  1. Hi,

    Our website has been getting a lot of hits lately and we're ready to take the next step in upgrading our layout, setting up a store, and advertising. Getting a new theme is very simple and straightforward, however we're looking help with the last two. How would we go about getting advertising (we own the domain if that helps) and getting paid to advertise other sites. The WordPress support wasn't very helpful.

    Much appreciated,
    Air Max Team

    The blog I need help with is

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    To add to what auxclass said... why are you bumping after only 20 minutes? Please... some patience would be appreciated, considering that it's your fellow volunteers that answer most of the questions on these forums.

    The WordPress support wasn't very helpful.

    Why? Did they point you to these links?

  5. Here is your upgrade:

    Register a domain name if you do not have one, hire a web host such as dreamhost, bluehost, etc., install and configure the wordpress software from wordpress.ORG, export your content from here and import into the self-hosted installation at the web host, advertise and "store" to your heart's content.

    Figure an average monthly cost, all things considered, of $10 to $25 ($120 to $300 per year) and figure, if you are extremely lucky that your advertising might almost pay for your yearly costs. The majority of bloggers that advertise make under $100 per year. Read the following for an accurate assessment of advertising.

    Otto on ads:

  6. and getting paid to advertise other sites.

    You might want to move before the TOS department shows up for work and sees your site.

  7. Thank you Sacred Path. Very informative to the members of our site, big thanks.

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