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Advertising Cheater:

  1. The domain "" is augmenting search engine results to bring hits to their own site, by using any wordpress blog subdomain under and using the .com address as a subdomain under the domain, to mirror every aspect of the blog (presumably on the fly), except with the addition of advertising.

    For instance, my blog is at:
    ..but the offending party is at:

    Everything looks identical except for the addition of advertising just before the comments. I suggest you try this out, by just adding "" to the end of your blog's domain, after the .com, to see if your blog is also affected. What could be done about this schemer?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Correction.

    The correct link for the imposter is:

    They remove the ".com" from the address an insert, ""..

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  4. I've seen something like this before when it turned out not to be a scammer at all, but rather a clever way to bypass the Great Firewall of China. With China's recent crackdown on free speech on the internet, this might be another iteration of the same technique.

  5. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

  6. We have taken some steps to prevent this, but as the copyright holder, I also recommend filing a DMCA complaint with their hosting provider:

  7. I appreciate your help!

  8. You're welcome!

  9. Hi: This is just one of the links to a blog called THINKVIP that has literally taken our copy and our photographs in violation of our copyright. Here is one link:

    Our company issues the World's Top 25 Trains list yearly. We publish an award-winning magazine, annual journal, web site and blog -- all based on our first-hand experiences and reviews of the top trains. This costs us thousands and thousands of dollars of course and thousands of hours of staff time. Please advise what to do. I have tried to contact the company to no avail. They claim to be a member of Word press. All of the recently posted blog posts having to do with luxury trains have basically lifted from our web site copy and photographs for these blog posts. Please advise.
    Owen Hardy

  10. @owen1000
    File a DMCA complaint with their hosting provider:

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