Advertising Content – is it rated?

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    Hi! I understand that WordPress puts ads on the free blogs and I have no problem with that. I also understand I can pay to not have ads, but at this point that’s not really an option for me. My question is about the content of those ads. I have a family/parenting blog and one of my readers was shocked at an ad they saw recently that was some kind of YouTube video of a skimpily-dressed woman…they said they thought it was going to turn into porn, but it didn’t, and turned out to be mostly harmless…but mostly, rather than completely, and I’d rather not have an ad that even suggests the idea of porn! SO here’s my question–are the ads rated at all and is it possible to get family-friendly ads only without paying for no advertising? Thank you so much!

    The blog I need help with is



    I am not aware of any ad rating ability short of the no ads upgrade.

    I do know that some ads and ad providers have been suspended for off taste ads, the best thing to do is take a screen shot of the offending ad save it to your blog in the Media section and send a link with a complaint to the staff.

    I do know that WordPress.COM has been trying different ways to put ads on the blogs – some of the ideas have not seemed to work well.

    I am not staff – so I will flag this for staff attention so they can respond with the official position and insight.



    Many of us are not feeling too impressed at the ads, I gather – lots of threads about the type/style!



    PS – not exactly what you are looking for but I have seen a few sites that have put a disclaimer about the ads in their sidebar indicating that they have nothing to do with the ad content – and yes that does not get rid of the skimpy thing – but you might do that in the interim.

    Also WordPress.COM does have the ability to learn – they do need to pay for the cost of your blog somehow – but if enough people complain they might very well do something – they do want you to be happy and stay here.



    I think part of the problem is members don’t see the ads when logged in – and how many of us look at our pages when NOT logged in? It is only when their readers comment that the ads are brught to their attention, in many cases.

    I have the ads free upgrade, but it is the overall reputation of WP and the possibility of it sliding that worries me.

    I am sure they do pay attention as you are right – they want us to stay!



    Advertising is not necessarily rated, but we try to keep everything family-friendly.

    If you ever see an inappropriate ad, please contact with a screenshot of the ad.


    Well, thanks, and hopefully that was just an aberration. I can try to take a shot next time, but the issue is that I don’t see the ads, only my readers who aren’t logged in. When I logged out and checked the site, it was a different video playing…

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