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    I’ve been looking at a lot of blogs, but what I noticed was that most of them advertise. How do I do it?

    The blog I need help with is


    Advertising is, except for a couple very narrow exceptions, not allowed on wordpress.COM. For the exceptions, see the last sentence under “Affiliate marketing blogs” in the bottom set of bullet points in the “types of blogs” link below.

    If you want to advertise, buy a domain name, hire a webhost install and configure the software from wordpress.ORG and advertise away. Do realize that the entire responsibility for the blog will then be yours. You do the upgrades, installations, backups and troubleshooting. If something goes wrong, you figure it out and fix it.

    Figure an average monthly total cost of around $10 to $25 depending on bandwidth and storage requirements, but it can quickly escalate to well ove $100 per month when you get up around 5000 hits per day. To cover even your hosting costs, you will need to probably have at least 4000 to 5000 hits per day, and figure about a year to two before you start making even the cost of a cup of coffee or two per month. Most bloggers I know that advertise make about $100 per YEAR (which does not cover their expenses.

    Don’t quit your day job, and don’t expect to make any money.


    One other thing I’ll mention. People are getting totally fed up with all the advertising plastered all over websites, and downloads of adblocking add-ons for browsers are skyrocketing. The adblock plus add-on for firefox has been downloaded from the mozilla site 99,620,198 (over 99 million) times as of today and that number climbs by about 3 or 4 million per month. I’ve been using it since it came out, and I never see ads, and on the rare occasion one pops up, I just right click on it and zap it and never see it again.


    You should only run ads if you get several thousand hits a day. If you don’t, then why ugly up your blog with ads. Individual sponsors seem to pay out more then the basic click ads. But that’s only if you have the traffic.

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