Advertising IE9: Shame on You

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    Shame on you for slipping an ad for Microsoft in with the “Freshly Pressed” topics on the home page (but thank you for identifying it as an advertisement).

    Since you’re getting paid to show off IE9, I can’t trust that the latest news article, “IE9 User? You’ll Love ‘Pinning’ Your Blog” is actually a genuine viewpoint of the WordPress staff — so I’m not going to bother to read the post.


    You know, I’ve not used Explorer for probably 4 years, but IE9 looks to be a much better browser than MS have ever produced.

    As my grandfather used to say, even a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while.



    I only came into this thread to say how low must one be when an ALL CAPS USER looks down on you?



    It says right up front “Sponsored Post”, and pointing out a feature of Windows7 (pinning a document/link/function to the task bar) is not necessarily news, but perhaps news that someone can use. (I’m using it on my netbook using Chrome and it works just the same.)

    I think MS has a battle to get users interested in IE9, especially since it requires either Vista SP2 or Windows7 to run, and XP still has the largest market share by far.

    Advertising on, which is a *business* with 15 million users, is all part of the advertising plan and a smart one, too.



    Advertising on, which is a *business* with 15 million users, is all part of the advertising plan and a smart one, too.

    I have to agree with justjennifer, even though is free to use it surely does cost Automattic money to run and maintain Also advertisement helps out with rising money for new development features for… So from a business perspective it’s a very smart choice to run a IE9 advertisement since it’s a hot trend on the net right now…



    Ugh I hate IE…



    I edited the OP to get rid of the all caps. :)



    I read “sponsored post” and clciked out without reading another word.


    I’m a Mac guy, however, I’ve bought 6 Windows 7, 64 bit machines (refurbished from Dell) in the last 10 days and I have to say, windows 7 and office 2010 are pretty damned impressive. Watch out Apple, the competition never rests! (I’m still personally on a Mac.) just my two cents.



    I would prefer advertising for crack and prostitution than for any Microsoft product or service. These things are less immoral…



    I understand that you’re being hyperbolic, but you clearly know nothing about crack.

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