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    For long-time WP’ers: Round II
    After “improved” Dashboard went up, adjusting what I could, I published in December, until I got fed up with the bugs and seriously ill. I figured one post would attract specific event readers and First day of new year: I noticed spiking with a lot of readers and some things missing. I shut off cookies to look via Google.

    I saw: an ad —shoved under the headline. Without Announcement —ASKING—NOTIFYING –or even INFORMING me first: WP used my writing —my creativity, to make money, for themselves —after long ago coyly ‘implying’ that “might” happen.

    Since the blog is on dot com: on a system known all over the web for not permitting advertising, only WP could have done that.

    Do I oppose advertising? Of course not, hell, whole world runs on it. –Even control freak-Republican Mayor Mike sold advertising on the New York crystal ball “lit” on New Year’s to a corporation that slapped their name in front of it. I do Object to: getting used –someone using my work –without asking or even telling me first –NOT knowing that readers of my writing are subject to advertising. Tell them? I Object to: comment censorship on ‘announcement’ blogs, no negs allowed –but No Prob, they do publish flattery, praise, adoration.

    I OBJECT to: WP taking time to hype, “poll”-post non-stop on impending “improved” Dashboard, but not to fixing vertical scroll bar, lousy headline breaks now, not correctable, stupid SpellCheck that STILL doesn’t recognize b-l-o-g -splits words into two -my city’s name “misspelled” plus the missing stats, etc, etc, etc., bugs FIRST.

    What did I go look at? Among others, my wedge of WP, within first few weeks, Began over three years ago with: PageRank 5.
    Now? PageRank: 2 –My most-clicked page: over 10,500 readers, but my PageRank dropped –people aren’t coming back – volume dropped —because my wedge of WP has advertising? I don’t KNOW why.

    So last day of new month, still ill, still wondering: I get that censorship and bugs would already be gone, if those mattered, but want to know
    • How Much money WP has made on advertising put on dot com blogs?
    • How Much WP has made off my blog –all the way back to when I discovered stupid ads stupidly shoved into the post on Catholic “priest” pedophiles?

    It’s been over two and half YEARS, I’m sure at least some want to know: WHEN
    • WP people will recognize Intellectual Property rights of writers and the Ethical –Legal –Moral OBLIGATION to CLEARLY state policy on ADVERTISMENTS now put, silently, on WP blogs, so bloggers CAN decide to accept or reject such?
    • WP people will grow up?
    • WP people will get some class?

    daVine Remedy –for bugs –for abuse –deceit –sly policy? If you have any: please reply. IF WP people think the slippery advertising “Policy” is Okay –I’m wrong: email me your home address –maybe I will slap up a billboard on a side of your home, someday, so you can see How Much You like advertising –sneak attack –getting shunned –loosing credibility. Gee, I think you just got “notice” of ‘intent.’ Or not….


    The blog I need help with is



    You get a free blog service here at That means you do not pay for hosting, for the software, or for the technical support required to keep your blog (and the many thousands of others hosted here) running. Automattic are not a charity. They have to pay for these costs and one of the ways they do that is by running some ads on some blogs some of the time. If you don’t want there ever to be ads on your blog you can pay for the upgrade.



    So: you missed –or ignored “Round II” and ALL of my points? Or you just prefer to lecture? Thanks for reply.



    We have not hidden what happens.

    #325914 is appreciably a free service. A premium quality service and you do not even pay a penny.

    If you look at the upgrades section of your wordpress blog. Or click on the link which Mark has given.. You will see, it is clearly written that only sometimes advertisements would be showed up on your blog. Upgrade is always available though…

    You can purchase the upgrade and remain ad-free… Word up: Automattic isn’t a charity




    It’s also listed here, which is our most popular page people look at before signing up:

    I can completely understand you never wanting ads on your blog, which is why we offer the no-ads upgrade.



    You: DON’T know whether I “…never wanting ads on your blog” or not.

    You can ‘not’ get what I’m saying/pretend you don’t/obscure the point/change the subject. Your choice.

    You have bills to pay which puts you in the category of –every human on the planet, duh. You want to generate revenue from the business you’re running. Not unique, who doesn’t. WP isn’t Google.

    WP: selling positioning to (lousy) blogs, while pretending not, and putting advertising on blogs.

    You can put frosting on it, write it ‘slick,’ pretend you don’t get what I’m saying, dress it up any way you think up, but it Doesn’t change the Point. You’re trying to: convince prospects and current users –and yourself, some “new” invented way to make money that Isn’t what it IS.

    –Want a car? There isn’t a dealer on the planet who lets you have one without stating, Explicitly, the Cost of you getting it. –No “maybe” or “rarely” about it.

    Put another way: the Accurate way to state what you’re doing
    ‘The cost to use space on WordPress is EITHER: $30. per year, up front
    OR consent for management placement of ads on the blog’

    –nobody gets nasty surprises –GIVING UP Total control over Intellectual Property Rights spelled out –consent explicitly given, with ALL the terms listed, and duh, no surprises.

    I am STILL mystified that you/WP filters/Google filters: ‘thought’ predator pedophile “priests” was a “good” candidate –for advertising…. From Comments, email: I know that most of the readers of those pages I wrote are survivors of those predators; I’m Clueless: what they thought about the Advertising on those pages –Why bail bondsmen “service” appropriate. If You were abused by those scum, came to those pages, you probably wouldn’t be amused by those ads.

    Nobody likes nasty surprises. SECOND Time: if you are going to infringe Intellectual Property You/WP needs to S P E L L it out –clearly, and get consent.

    BTW Demanding Payment –for an “up-grade” –to put ADVERTISING on my wedge of WP: maybe THE Dumbest idea I’ve come across on the Internet. Paying to put up ads to make money??? Blogger wanting to put advertising –on a Google blog –no charge/free. Far better: WP should set up a schedule, to get a share of revenue generated by WANTED ads on a WP blog.

    Thanks for replying.



    Blogger wanting to put advertising –on a Google blog –no charge/free. Far better.

    You are completely free to move your blog to Blogger if you choose.

    Nothing that are doing infringes anyone’s intellectual property rights. What you write on your blog is your intellectual property and no one is claiming otherwise.


    Google OWNS Blogger so if they con you into putting adcents on a blogger blog, they make MORE money, not less.

    If wordpress lets you put ads on a blog here for free then they have to remove THEIR ads, which means wordpress then LOSES that revenue. Where are they going to make that up? If wordpress had their own ad program, like Google, they they would probably be encouraging bloggers to load up on ads just like Google, but wordpress does not have their own advertising program, they have to use Google’s or someone else’s.

    Big difference: Google owns adsense AND Google owns blogger.



    And since Google also owns Feedburner, there is an option to have adsense ads on your feed.

    What rosclarke wrote bears repeating, imo:

    Nothing that are doing infringes anyone’s intellectual property rights. What you write on your blog is your intellectual property and no one is claiming otherwise.



    poppy8sd, I’m having trouble following all your lines of thought. For the level of control you want you might want to explore and pay for a web host, where you would have 100% control over every aspect of your blog.



    I am aware of what Google has -does -owns. I’ve known since I spent time learning about Internet Intellectual Property law; created a blogspot space, over six years ago.

    Did you read what you wrote –before you published it?
    “Google…if they con you into putting adcents [sic] on a blogger blog…”
    “…wordpress does not have their own advertising program, they have to use Google’s…”

    Those using Google’s AdSense: have been “conned”? Really? That will be news –to millions of publishers -Fortune 500 corporations -multi-million small business advertisers –Internet community and the FBI
    -Which part/where is the “con”?
    -If statement isn’t libelous and FALSE: then WP has been “conned”?
    -IF WP has been “conned”: why are they putting AdSense ads on blogs –still, 2+ years after I first discovered it?

    ~rosclarke, ellaella
    Intellectual Property rights infringement/exposure ain’t “opinion” kind of thing.

    After bail bondsmen ads were put on my posts about pedophiles and your non-response to entire issue, that was my Plan B. I paid for a domain, two years of hosting and spent dozens of hours with tech dictionaries & forums, to have my own blog.

    Hey, I figured out how the Stock Market really works and taught myself how to day-trade it reading every book in “Economics” section of the library –hardest thing I ever did till I came up against: trying to decipher #%&^$@!*& WP “Codex.” I quit, skin I created still sits, somewhere, in dot-org land, dead. When I saw advertising on my blog, again, This time: I knew better. I created a new blog in about :20 minutes –on another host –my 12th blog. I have all the ‘control’ anyone wants: no sneak attacks, no one puts any thing on the material I write.

    I think: you need to have formal consult with a legal expert current in Internet advertising and Intellectual Property law. Then, using that: totally re-write WP’s ‘policy’ re WP advertising on dot-com blogs. Or you could just keep on making it up –on the fly, and hope everybody is like just kewl with whatever. But: ever wonder why Google Didn’t –do their policy that way?

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