Advertising on my wordpress blog with wordads for money! HELP

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    I am a 14 year old boy with a website that has almost 2.5MILLION views. Everyone says I could make tons of money from it. I am so interested in it too.

    How do I even get started? I am hosted with
    I know I need to get a custom domain. If I do, will I be guranteed to make money, as you do have to request/apply? I mean I only really am gonna buy a custom domain just to run ads for money.

    My parents will provide account details and stuff as I not 18… Also, for a blog that gets 1000-3000 views daily, how much money can I make? I am so interested and am very excited!
    I also think its too late too. I mean 2.5M views have already went by :(
    Whats the next step after custom domain? Like I dont wanna buy a custom domain and not get accepted. I’d be so mad. Please and thank you?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,
    Note that we Volunteers answering support questions on these technical support forums cannot assist with any WordAds issues. You must contact WordAds Staff directly.



    Everyone says I could make tons of money from it.

    No, you cannot. WordAds doesn’t make you much money. If you get a thousand views a day, you might get ten dollars a month. You also can’t be admitted to WordAds unless you have a custom domain. If you have a custom domain and your hits are a thousand or more a day you should export your blog off and get independent hosting, where you can use ad networks and options that are much more lucrative than WordAds.



    Just clarifying one bit before closing up.

    If you get a thousand views a day, you might get ten dollars a month.

    We have plenty of folks with less than 1,000 visits per day earning more than $10 per month.

    Forecasting revenues in online advertising for bloggers is complex.

    Generally, we are paid for impression, not by click. That means the more visits you get, and the more each visitor uses your site, the more you will earn.

    North American ad placements currently pay-out at a much greater level than international ads. We are negotiating deals with some partners, particularly in Europe that will see higher rates there but generally we are not compensated well for traffic in Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

    As the WordAds program grows, we continue to attract better ad networks which pay much higher rates overall.

    If you’d like more info, please contact us at

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