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    Good afternoon,

    Before I get myself in a ‘Big’ Mess, I reviewed the TOS for WordPress.Com, and came away with the impression that Advertisements were not allowed on the WordPress.Com Blogs.

    But still wasn’t sure so, :

    I just did a ‘search’ for ‘Advertising’ on Forums, and when the results came up, I noticed that there were a number of Google Ads Listed in the Side Pane. These would appear to be ‘Cost Per Click’, since I believe this is Google’s format.

    So, to what extent, if any, are CPC or CPM Ads permitted?

    Are ads from ‘Private Sponsors’ permitted?

    Or, would I be better off immediately converting to the WordPress.ORG program, and hosting my site elsewhere?

    Waiting with uncertainty as to how much work will have to be re-done.


    The blog I need help with is



    Hello. First, I agree with your username. :)

    You’re absolutely right and this support document spells things out well, with a link to another doc that’s more specific:

    One reason I chose self-hosting for my primary blog was to avoid ads. We all have our reasons, but I can say it’s a pretty smooth and easy transition and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I don’t plug my host here, but if you decide to go that route you can check my blog, either a quick glance or (if you miss it!) my About page.


    ell aella,

    Thank you for your response.

    Your link to support article was what I referred too. So guess I have to move my main site to another host.

    Visited you and that is a ‘Nice looking site’!

    Can see why you were rewarded.

    Do you have a ‘blog’ on as well?

    And ‘thank you for liking my username’. Funny that, same as ‘wp blog’ Messed up on filling out form, so stuck there. Maybe I’ll continue using it elsewhere.

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