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    Can we advertise roleplaying sites on our blogs? I have a friend whose roleplaying site is very amazing, and I\’d like to advertise it on my blog. Is that all right? And my blog will not be used for the actual roleplaying — just to advertise a friend’s blog for fun. :)



    Hello there,
    Aside from a blog being accepted into WordAds no blogger initiated advertising, retailing or reselling the work or products created or services provided by anyone other than yourself is allowed on free hosted blogs. E-commerce transactions via shopping carts and the like cannot be conducted on free blogs from and being free hosted by

    On free hosted blog we can use a contact form and/or a PayPal donation button for sale of only products or services created or provided by ourselves.

    If you do require an ecommerce site, advertising and/or affiliate links you can hire a web host and get a free software install from Refer to >


    just to advertise a friend’s blog for fun

    Explain further what you mean by advertise. Are there fees involved to play at the other site? Do you get any money in return?

    Or are you just asking if you can display a link/picture promoting another free site while getting no compensation?



    Thank you for your help, and I will elaborate:
    My friend’s site is a roleplaying site. I just want to advertise it on my blog, not in ad-form, just by post. There is no fee involved with advertising for it. For example, if I want to advertise Taylor Swift’s official website, I would say, “Guys, check this site out!” on a post, with the URL included.



    That should be fine, but you may be asked by staff to prove it’s not a paid ad. So try to make it look different from a paid ad.



    And try not to use the term “advertising”

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