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    A friend has informed me that when she reads my entries on my blog that there are advertisements posted under and around my entry. These advertisements are of nationally known products that sell for profit. Is there any way that these advertisements might not be seen around my blog entries? I cannot see them, myself, but my friend reports that she can. I am requesting that advertising not be allowed to be posted around my entries on my blog, “MaryElizabethSings,” if this is possible. Also, would you please respond to this request, so that I might know your decision? Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


    Sounds like your friend has a problem with their browser and/or computer.


    Thanks for replying, notawoodpecker, but my friend wrote to me; “You have to scroll down to the very bottom (of the page with my entry), under the post. There’s a big black square that turns into the ad after a few seconds.”

    She didn’t mention that she sees these black squares that turn to ads on any page on her computer other than the ones on my blog entries, which makes me think that these ads may be coming through WordPress, someway.

    Again, thanks for your reply.


    If it’s a video ad at the bottom, it may well be inserted by WP. You don’t see it because they’re not displayed to logged in account holders.

    If that’s what it it, the only way to eliminate them is with the No Ads Upgrade:


    Thank you very much for your response, notawoodpecker, and for the No Ads Upgrade link. I think you have correctly identified the source of my problem.

    Much appreciated! I will be following through on this, in time.
    Best wishes to you, Mary Elizabeth


    All wordpress .com blogs have adverts thats how they are paid for what they do and the reason you get a free website.


    dribblingpensioner, thank you for taking the time to respond to my inquiry. Mary Elizabeth

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