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    I tried to search this, but couldn’t find an answer…sorry if it’s a duplicate.

    I have a WordPress site, and am paying for WordPress to host it, yet it’s my domain. I have no advertising as of yet, but would like to do something tasteful. I got an email a while back where you’re allowing this now…I think through WordAds? Anyway, I submitted a request, but also noted that approval is based on traffic. Why?

    I’ve checked my site (my own domain) while I’ve been logged off and seen a video ad on it that I didn’t put there. I understand that it should be tasteful. I want that too. But since it’s my domain…you can advertise on that…I’m restricted…I’m not understanding the conflict. My traffic probably isn’t high enough to be approved for what is requied for WordAds. I’m still working on that and my site traffic is growing every day.

    Please explain this to me. I want my site to be tasteful too, but does this mean that I’ve got to go find another host to alllow me to do ANYTHIING on my site? Doesn’t seem fair.

    So far I love WordPress, yet it’s my domain. Can’t WordPress give options for people like myself who aren’t spamming, want a great site, etc. yet we’d like a tasteful ad or two on the side? My contract is coming up and this is crucial in my decision of whether to renew.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    This is a peer support forum where Volunteers ie. your fellow bloggers answer support questions. We don’t have any role to play in advertising policy decisons. That’s an issue for Staff. Please contact Staff directly.

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