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Advertising with ebay??? I saw a link on drmike's blog???

  1. I went to drmike's blog and i saw a link to ebay, i was wondering if you were getting paid for doing that drmike? And if so please tell me how you did it.

  2. A single non-javascript, affliate link is allowed within a sidebar. That just happens to be mine.

    You would have to get the details from ebay's site.

  3. Do you get paid? Also thank you.

  4. It's an affiliate code, it pays a small percentage of the selling price. On the whole, it's not allowed on hosted blogs, but a small part, as long as it's not the primary purpose of the blog is allowed.

    Out of curiosity, do a search in the FAQ for "ebay" and "paypal" you'd find answers without posting questions. It may be an idea trying that principle when you think about asking your next "how do I...."

  5. Been meaning to change that to something else actually.

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