Advertisment and the 50/50 thing.

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    Hi there.

    I’ve been trying out the revenue sharing with wordpress but just wanted to clarify the 50/50 thing (Ad Control) for blogs.
    Is the money from Adsense already the payment after 50% has been taken or will 50% still be taken from it at some time or another?

    Also as a couple of side notes
    # – is anyone on the ad-sharing thing for
    #- does the option for google adsense channel make any sort of difference?



    ps yes I know for actual adverts and stuff I should look to I’ll do that eventually. Adsense so far is aright actually so far for this blog, though not sure about that based on traffic – 477k last month. I think other similar sites have much more though not via adsense but through the advertiser requests that I’d love to respond to but can’t…hmm..I’ll stop typing now)

    The blog I need help with is


    This is something you will have to discuss with staff since I doubt any of the volunteers here in the forum know much about that program.

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