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    I just saw advertisements placed on my page. Am I supposed to be paid for that?

    The blog I need help with is



    Have you read this support doc?



    Blogger initiated third party advertising is not allowed here but there are ways to make money here. Please read: Monetize Your Site

    The only advertising program at is called WordAds and it’s for blogs on their own domains that have enough traffic to qualify for acceptance into the plan.

    Note that purchasing a Premium or Business upgrade automatically qualifies your site for WordAds.

    Advertisements from third-party ad networks like Google AdSense, OpenX, Lijit, BuySellAds, and Vibrant Media are not allowed on If you’d like to run these types of ads on your blog, you may wish to try a self-hosted WordPress installation.



    Some of my post have commercial advertisment. But some post have word press advrtisment. Why ?
    I have a premium account and activated word ads…. but some post despite of this do not show commercial advertisment. Why?

    And second question… from such posts without commercal advertisments I will not have any income ?

    Sorry fo my english, it is not my native language.




    In future please start your own thread.

    Advertisers bid in real time on ad space on your site. Sometimes it happens that they don’t bid, in which case we display in-house ads as the alternative is having a blank box on your site where the ad should show.

    That said, we also pay for advertising with several of the ad networks we use in WordAds, so it is very possible that you can be seeing ads that aren’t in-house, but which are paid advertisements.

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