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    Some time ago I applied to have advertising included on my blog. I notice that it presently contains adverts, but I’m unclear as to whether or not I’m being paid for them. Pleas would you clarify?

    Many thanks,
    Steve Bateman

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry but we cannot help your here in the Support Forums. The WordAds forum is closed and the contact link is Those who need help with any WordAds issues must use it to contact WordAds Staff directly.



    You are now on a roundabout, where a clear answer is impossible to get from WORD PRESS, Cheers


    If anyone finds out if we can run ads on our blogs to make extra money, let me know, please. I would also like to know if sportsgeek33 gets the issue with payment solved. I have been running a lot of ads for different companies and as of yet am I to receive any kind of payment. Either their products are not selling or, we are not getting paid for our efforts. Frankly I am tired of promoting for others for free. I mean the big guys, not the little guys.



    Well, if the blog linked to your name is the one you’re talking about, it’s already been reported for Terms of Service violations.

    Everyone who has not purchased the No Ads upgrade has ads on their blogs. The only way for bloggers to get any money for these ads, instead of hosting them in exchange for the blog itself, is to join the Word Ads program which currently is backed up by at least a thousand applications.

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