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    I asked to be considered for adverts. Never had a response. I wrote a message on this forum. Never had a response.

    Today, I notice that there is a huge advert on my page? Why?

    Am I going to be paid for this? Why has nobody contacted me about advertising space? As I had asked for it?

    I am very confused. I did get tired of waiting for a response, so am waiting for a happiness engineer to move me to on Monday (hopefully) am very excited, so I can have my own adverts.

    If anybody could offer me info, I would much appreciate it!! :)

    Also, if they were going to pay me, how could that happen? Because i am moving to on Monday – so I would never make enough for the month?

    I dont think anybody responded to my last message here :(

    I am just feeling a bit hacked off about this. Sorry.

    The blog I need help with is



    I am also really confused? As I have booked and a happiness engineer is moving me on Monday?

    What is awful, is that there is a VIDEO for mazda at the end of a post, on my first page? Which is REALLY confusing for readers?

    Are these adverts going to go when I move to I don’t mind having adverts I applied to have them…. but… I want to know if I will get paid for it, as the video on my front page – at the end of a post, is really confusing. I can have very traumatised people visiting my site.



    Those look like WordAd Ads – they will not go with you when you move to a WordPress.ORG install



    Thank you, I have just seen that they have sent me an email. It would have been nice if I had been warned, and frustrating too, as i was getting 3.500 hits a day, so its been missed :( Its one the reasons I am going to

    If they had told me – might have been different so that is frustrating. I applied for it ages ago – oh well…. They are not too bad ads either really.

    I wish that someone had written to me, and responded to my application just to tell me – as I might have stayed with – I like it here



    Sometimes the email from WordPress.COM ends up in the spam filter of some email systems –

    I would have expected you to receive some type of notice – I think there should be a place to turn them off in your Dashboard – that would be another way to see that you had been accepted – sorry don’t know exactly where that option would be

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