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Advice for an illustrator?

  1. Hey guys, this isn't exactly a typical forum question - this is more a question of advice and preferences. I do illustrations on my blog. I like keeping them like something a five year old could do, because it makes it funnier. However, even these simple drawings take me the whole day to complete as I'm using Paint on my laptop - I don't even have a mouse. I tried using a tablet with a display on it at my school, and realllllly loved using it. However, the only ones I've found so far online cost upwards of $1000k... don't have that kind of money. Does anyone have any advice for what kind of (cheap!) tablet I could use? Or what kind of programs might be more convenient?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't know where in the world you live but you could probably order one on line, i use a tablet called "bamboo" there made by a company called Wacom there cheap (around $200) you can check them out here

    hope you find what you are looking for

  3. @llamaraptor

    You are right that this question is not for the usual technical support forums on!
    I'll move this thread to the off topic forum where perhaps you will find some good advice!

    You should make a post on your own blog about this issue, and then use the showcase forum in hope of finding some advice.

    Just a small suggestion, not knowing where you are:
    try Craig's List
    or if you are in a town with a university, check out what they do with outdated properties. I have found furniture and computer stuff where I liveā€¦
    Or try re-use or re-sale shops. There are lots of places that specialize in digital products.

  4. I have had my eye on the Bamboo tablet as well. But here I have found it for $60. I am not sure why it is so cheap. There is another on the same site for $200.
    the products from this same company are all cheap and easy to use.. if you click my name link you will see what kind of stuff you can do with their software. I do mostly hand drawn as well and its all with serif products.

    BTW: Your stuff is amazing and you dont even have a mouse? I cant wait to see what you would do with a real tablet. I like child drawings too for the same reason as you.

  5. Thanks so much, Spatchus and 1tress!!! And thanks, lifewith4cats, too! I'm definitely going to inquire on that tablet... also, thanks for the compliment :)

    But does anyone know about tablets with displays? I'd really prefer to draw directly on the program I'm using. I have a feeling those would not be "cheap" though...

  6. Just a suggestion but rather than a buy a really expensive tablet.

    Stick to paper and pen drawings and then buy a cheap scanner instead.

    Then just scan your image with the scanner and upload it to the site.

  7. I tried this once drawing on white copy paper, but then the scanner picked up the white paper as many shades of white grey variations. It looked white, but it was darn near impossible to cut out or play with that background on the computer afterwards.

    @fox I like your idea here. But that one problem. Do you perhaps suggest a work around? (llamaraptor, hi, hope its ok to join your thread a little as long as I stay on topic?))

  8. Lol - totes! I'm intrigued as well. Also, how do you go about with the coloring and such? I'm not much for watercolor, and colored pencils take so danged long to fill in with. Paint's also expensive these days...

  9. How familiar are you with either Photoshop or the Photoshop style websites such as Pixlr and Aviary?

    If you learn how to use the channels tool correctly you should be able to lift everything but the white background from the illustration and then save the file in PNG format with a transparent background.

    If you google "Photoshop Channels Tutorial" you should be able to find a decent explanation of how to use that tool correctly. I got a book on it and it was one of the most time-saving things I've ever learnt for Photoshop.

  10. @fox Thank you for that answer. Yes, that will work. I guesse there are no 'short cuts' where good art is concerned. Since I desire to scan completed line drawings in and then color them via computer.
    @llama have you ever used proffesional pencils? The brand Prismacolor is considered the best. I dont like them because the leads are too soft but being soft, they would fill spaces quicker. Also: you can add to that water color pencils(used just like pencils not paint). Just do a light scribble over the area, then gently wash it and the whole area will fill nicely.
    They are $ but once you try them youl never want to go back. What will fox say I wonder?

  11. @lifewith4cats Yeah - those are the kind I have. I have the watercolor ones, too. I enjoy using them for art, but they're just more work than necessary when it comes to filling in color (especially compared to Paint's click and fill abilities).

    I wonder if there's a way to scan the outlines, then fill in with color on the computer... I think Photoshop allows this, but I don't have the program and it costs about as much as one of the cheap tablets.

  12. Oops. Just realized the scanning then filling was already proposed! Where IS my head today...

  13. @llamaraptor
    Have you visited Art & Stuff: digital artwork, art programs, Design, Digital Art, Free Art Software, fractals, GIMP, other artists and sites.

  14. @timethief Thanks!!! This looks promising :)

  15. Have you looked into the wacom tablet?

  16. @TT ditto for me, I just suscribed.

  17. You're welcome you two. :)

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