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Advice on Asides in 2010

  1. I have just tried putting two short posts in the category "Asides" on my blog. And then I took them out of the category again. All I can see that it does is take the post title off the post. Is that it? What is the point of the category exactly? How is it intended to be used? I think I am missing something here. I have looked at the original intro post to 2010 but I can't find any real information there and would like to be able to use everything properly. Thanks for any thoughts or if someone has a blog using 2010 where they use Asides would love to see!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. G'day,
    I believe this below will answer your questions:

    Twenty Ten includes special styles for posts that you file in the “Asides” or “Gallery” categories. When viewed on an index page (like your home page or a list of posts from a particular month), asides get a simplified look that seamlessly fit between full-length posts, while galleries give a peek at the photos that lie within. If you don’t already have those categories on your blog, just add them and start assigning posts to them. Twenty Ten will recognize the category name and start applying the correct styles automatically.

    Hope this helps. :)

  3. Hello timethief thank you.

    Yes I read this originally, but all it seems to do is what I describe above. The post looks the same, minus the title. I think I am missing something, but I am a bit slow on the uptake sometimes.

  4. I don't use the Twenty Ten theme so I cannot help you any further with this -- sorry. Perhaps another Volunteer or Staff can confirm whether or not the Asides posts are supposed to appear without a title, and presumably without a URL.

  5. Think of asides as very short posts of a paragraph or less; something between a tweet and a normal blog post. Twitter doesn't let you give a title to a tweet because there's no point; your title might well end up being longer than the content. Same goes for asides.

    It's basically a concept invented by the bloke in charge of WordPress for his own blog. It's not a category that all bloggers are going to want to use, but it's there if they do.

  6. I've worked it out now. The title disappears and the font size changes slightly and it looks less 'imposing' than a regular post. You can still title the aside for your own reference, but it doesn't show up on the visible blog. Thanks for your help, W!

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