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Advice on post length based on updates

  1. Hi and I was wondering if anyone can offer some advice on a post I'm going to make. I'm going to collect case studies on an ongoing basis so therefore it could end up being quite a long post as time goes by. I don't really want it to go on an on or I don't think so anyway so would appreciate some advice. I could perhaps add links at the bottom but I was wondering if anyone has any ideas in terms of best practice.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    I would suggest splitting content by use of either pagination (next page) or by the use of jump links. See here for content splitting options please > please

  3. Hi and thanks for the advice. Do you have any examples maybe from your own site so I can get a feel for what it looks like? Also what does this mean in terms of SEO? I guess Google will crawl the page regularly (?) and be aware of the new content.

  4. Google will find the new content, but the farther away you put it from the front page of your blog (by using pagination, etc) the lower it will rank. Google likes everything right at the top and front.

  5. Thx raincoaster. What would be the best solution as I can envisage there being quite a few case studies after a period of time and ideally I want to take advantage of seo?

  6. I would do them as individual posts, and make one Page which is more of a table of contents, with links to each of the posts. I would do them all on separate scrolldown posts, both for SEO reasons and because readers seem to prefer scrolling to clicking.

  7. raincoaster... thank you :)

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