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    Ever since the host for my current blog slapped the banner of an advertiser to which I am morally opposed on my blog, I’ve been looking for somewhere else to go. The more I read, the more confused I get. I’ve tried not to post asking questions and just get the answers from what’s already posted, but I am befuddled at this point.

    The things I have at my current blog that I’d like to continue to have:

    1. Email notifications that notify that the blog has been updated but do not include the entire post. I grant this is probably a FeedBurner issue and I am pursuing it in their forums.
    2. Ability to change colors of the text within a post.
    3. Plain HTML editing (WYSIWYG always isn’t, in my experience).
    4. Not a lot of overhead work, not just yet, anyway. I’m still working on the blog content part. I will probably someday want CSS editing.
    5. Ability to have comments turned off by default. (I’m not a blog snob; I’m an Aspie.)

    I think that’s it, at least all the things I need that I haven’t figured out whether they are here. I hope so, but my brain is so fuzzy I am not sure.

    So based on that, should I go with or go elsewhere? I don’t want to have to move my blog again.




    Just for reference, non-logged in visitors will occasionally see an adsense advert on blogs here. Not all the time. Just occasionally. For the most part, advertising is not allowed here and is pretty much spam free.

    1) Feedburner probably. That feature is way too easy for spammers to abuse and we don’t have it here. We do have the feature though that the blog admin gets an email when a comment is left.

    Got #2 and #3 there although with the regular text editor, you’ll have to use font tags. You could always pick up teh css upgrade and modify the css directly.

    4) No overhead for the most part. Nothing to install or anything.

    5) Yup, just make sure you hit that box right off as you turn it off and on for future posts else you have to go through one by one and flick the checkbox.

    hope this helps,


    drmike gave you advice and I’m giving now you some links that you may find useful.
    (1) Feedburner – email updates
    (2) Changing font
    (3) Switch to standard editor
    You can shut off the visual rich text editor here -> Users -> Your Profile
    uncheck the box for ___ use the vusual rich text editor and click “update Options” to save
    (4) Css customization
    (5) runs adsense ads on our blogs from time to time – if you’re signed in you won’t see them
    (6) VIP blogs are able to run ads
    (7) advertising policy



    library was closing. thanks for teh followup


    You’re welcome. Have a good evening. :)



    It did help. I’m not looking forward to configuring my “summarized” feed in FeedBurner (the answer to my question for #1: ), but it looks like is the place for me.

    Everyone I know is over at Blogger, but a Blogger guru sent me to a comparison he had done of Blogger and, and to give him his due, that was what first started me tipping toward

    It seems to be out of date on some things already, but in general it was useful and unbiased, designed only to help you find the right place. I offer it in the hopes that some other folks might find it useful.

    Off to start importing my blog! Thanks, drmike!



    If you discover that you prefer wordpress to Blogger but dislike the limitations of being on a shared multi-user blogging platform here at there is another wordpress alternative.

    You can either self host free software downloaded from on your own server or you can hire a web host to do that for you. The differences between wp-MU (multi-user) and wordpress regular software and services are found at this link



    If your only reason for leaving your current host is the advertising issue, then you should probably be aware that not only do we have no control over which ads get shown on our blogs, but if an inappropriate ad were to show up we would have to rely on our non-logged-in readers to tell us about it.

    If you have other reasons for moving, that’s ok, but I could not in conscience recommend hosting here to anyone for whom ads were a major concern.



    Also note that there are a couple hundred free wordpress hosted sites out there:

    Check out the list in the sidebar for links. They all have different policies so be sure to give them a looksee first.



    Oh, eek. I didn’t see wank’s response before I started setting up my blog. Gah.

    I don’t object to getting some money for hosting my blog, but I really would like to be able to block ones I don’t like. There won’t be many, but I feel very passionately about the ones I don’t want. I don’t know that they’re on AdSense, but I also don’t know that they aren’t and they always could get on AdSense. I suppose that’s part of the MU thing and there’s no way it can be set up to allow users to block advertisers they object to?

    I suppose I’ll check out the other WordPress sites. A quick scan didn’t look promising, though. There’s just no way I can run WP myself at this point. I’m finding just basic blog setup challenging without having to handle all the stuff that going the route would require.

    Darn, and just when I thought I had this problem solved. Thanks for the further information, everyone.



    The link drmike posted is not for it’s for other multiuser installations like this one. Maybe you should click it and check it out



    Yes, I know. My comments on not being ready for were directed at your post, timethief.



    The thing with the other wordpress multiuser sites, if they run adverts, they’re also probably going to be running a advert widget that i wrote which shares the advert displays with the host. While you would control the adsense adverts for your account, those 20% or so that would display for teh host, you wouldn’t control.

    Best bet would be to find one that didn’t do any adverts.



    At the risk of making a pest of myself, I was wondering about your comment, drmike, “Just for reference, non-logged in visitors will occasionally see an adsense advert on blogs here. Not all the time. Just occasionally.”

    Can you define “occasionally”? I just tried the blog I set up before I read wank’s post ( without being logged in, and I didn’t see any ads at all. Do I have to get a certain amount of traffic or is it at certain times or what?

    Sorry, it’s just that I really like all the backing up that’s done here at and would hate to lose that. I have sent a query to one of the other WPMU sites, but I doubt they do as well.

    Does block any AdSense advertisers? Maybe our dislikes overlap. (Granted, you probably don’t feel passionately against those trying to push autism cures, but it’s worth checking before I give up, don’t you think?)




    We don’t have any information about the way Adsense works on our blogs. Staff haven’t been forthcoming with it. I see it on some of my more popular posts, but have seen it on some less popular ones as well.

    They do NOT block any advertisers as far as I know.



    I’m sorry but none of the volunteers answering forum questions including our moderators can answer how often “occasionally” is. We have not been told how often the rotation is likely to place ads on our blogs or how that rotation operates. We have no idea whether or not wp-com blocks any adsense advertisers or not.

    As we can only speculate we are not the people to ask these questions of. You can request this information from staff after the weekend when support is open. To contact staff you can send in a feedback using the button on the top righthand corner of any blog page.



    Argh, and apparently you can’t even leave a message for them to see when they get back on Monday. The feedback button just tells me they’re closed. Oh, well.

    Thanks for the response!



    You’re welcome.


    I will add this about wp. I am a reformed blogger from “blogger.” The lack of the ability to change and set up the font of what I write has freed my to concentrate on the content of my blog and not so much the way the content looks (which in my opinion is what really makes a blog look like dukey).

    As for ads. I check a pc that I’m not logged into and have never seen an advertisement.

    Anyway, hope it helps


    P.S. I have noticed that wp leaves a wide birth on either side of content. Not saying it’s intentional but it sure would make a great place for ads. . .

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