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Advice on whether is for me

  1. Well, after much thinking about it, I decided to go with a WPMU site that doesn't do ads. I wish I could've stayed at, but ads are too much of an issue. Any staff members lurking about might want to consider the "no-ads" upgrade that weirdscience recommends.

  2. I hear you and I understand where you are coming from. Best wishes to you. :)

    As far as a "no-ads" option goes. This is not a new idea. This was suggested last summer and it is occasionally brought up again every once in awhile. It seems perverse that when the majority response to Matt was that the best feature at was "no ads" last summer that what's been suggested since then is paying to get ads off blogs. That being said it seems to be the only recourse other than leaving

  3. Any staff members lurking about might want to consider the "no-ads" upgrade that weirdscience recommends.

    I would suggest sending in a feedback via email to support at this domain else staff doesn't hear you all of the time. Like standing in teh middle of the innerstate complaing about traffic.

  4. OK. I just figured that since I am blogging from a different site, I shouldn't be using the feedback button. It asks for your blog URL, and although I have one here, it's not an active blog.

    Oh, well, maybe they'll listen, anyway. I would've been willing to let them run ads on my blog, if only I could have blocked ones to which I am morally opposed.

    Thanks again!

  5. Whether or not your blog is active isn't really a consideration. If you want to use your feedback button and state your case then do so. Other bloggers have also expressed concerns about some ads that they consider to be objectionable.

  6. I did send feedback. I'll let you all know if I hear anything back!

    Thanks so much for all the help here, especially as I've ended up somewhere else.

  7. I'm glad you will let us know what you hear.
    You're welcome and happy blogging! :)

  8. I have heard already!

    Alex said, "We're aware of concerns about Adsense, and are working on some new features that should help."

    So that sounds good for you and all the future bloggers looking for a home. I don't want to move twice, though, so I'll probably be staying with Autiblogger, regardless of what happens here. Too bad things didn't happen a little faster. Sigh.

    Happy blogging, all!

  9. Thanks for the update anne and happy trails. :)

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