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  1. dear all.

    i'm a teen about to graduate, at a critical point in my life.

    two nights ago, i sat down with some pen and paper. i asked myself: what was i going to do after my year end O levels, after high school graduation in two month’s time? and more importantly, what was i going to do with my life in general? i thought about it, and wrote it down.

    today, i’ve added two pages to my blog, Things to Do, and The Bigger Picture. both cover what i’ll do in the near future, and the distant future respectively.

    but no man is an island. it always helps to get other’s view of things. now, i’d like some advice from you. do you have a good laptop which had served you well? what do i look out for when i get a laptop? i’m looking for one and i’ll need all the help i can get. it’s gonna be the first major purchase of my life, with my own money, and maybe you can help me out here.

    or maybe you’ve got something to say about The Hives’ latest album? You’ve read Scar Tissue and you don’t like it? You think you’ve got a good book to share? bring it on.

    i’m 16 and i still don’t know how to swim/cycle. if you’re like me, let me know! then we’ll be in the same boat.

    i’m also considering humanitarian work in the future when i’m an adult. if you can give me some links to blogs which have accounts by such volunteers, or if you have some words of advice to give, i’m willing to listen.

    i know it’s mundane to read about someone’s plans for the future. but i’ll truly appreciate it if you can take some time to comment about it. i’m serious about everything i’ve written.

    please visit my blog if you'd like to comment.

    once again, thanks in advance.


  2. Plans are cool. I wish I had plans (planes? plains?).

    But starting a new thread for your own blog promotion is really not cool.

    Well, I'll be on your site in a minute, anyway. I'm a nice girl for the day.

  3. My opinion is, you shouldn't use ALL CAPS. IT MAKES YOU LOOK NUTTY!

  4. hah well.. i did get some sound advice and im glad for it. :)

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