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    How to use Google Adword plugin in


    You cannot. The only option for advertising here is WordPress’s own WordAds program, which is referenced in this support document on advertising.



    thanks….okay so for running ads i must have custom domain right??? but i have seen many blog as domain includes ads…


    The ads you see on those without the custom domain name are ads placed there by They occasionally run ads on the sites here to help pay for all their expenses and to keep all the free features free.



    okay…..i see…so can i also get those ads from as a free domain site….????


    Those ads are already appearing on your site occasionally to visitors who come to your site from search engines, but are not logged into WordPress. The revenue from those ads go to WordPress, not to you.

    To make any money off of ads, you would have to sign up for, and qualify for WordAds, and that requires a custom domain name. There is no user advertising that is available to you without a custom domain name.



    Not sure of the question

    The trade is a free blog for the ads by WordPress.COM

    If you want for a domain name and not – then you need to register a domain name (looks like you did that in another thread) and then map the domain name to a blog here



    sorry… am asking that can wordpress provide me ads on my free blog..i.e. ???.. if yes then plz suggest the process…


    No, not on the free version. As I said, you need to have the custom domain name for WordAds, and then you have to qualify for the program. Not all sites do. You have to have a good level of traffic and your content has to fit with the WordAds partner’s stuff.



    ok..thanks sir..:)

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