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  1. having recently been suspended what doe this exactly mean?

    one discreet text per blog is o.k.

    one link in the entire history of my blog? one link per post? one link in my sidebar?

    i'm a but annoyed having spent money, seeing other blog with links.

    clarification please?

  2. If you see blogs in violation of the Terms of Service, report them. Or realize they may be VIP blogs, paying for those privileges, or blogs where such things are allowed.

    You'll have to ask staff for clarification, but it seems pretty obvious that one link per blog means one link per blog and you can put it anywhere you like.

  3. just one single link in an entire blog?

    paying for those privileges. what do you mean? i'm a newbie at this by the way.

  4. Yes.

    You might be happier using a blog, if you can't afford the VIP program here.

    Our blogs here are hosted free by as a service to personal and noncommercial blogs (ie companies can blog here, but not make money BY the blog). If you want to blog as a business, you'll need a more business-oriented platform, such as Using a blog is like applying for food stamps when you're a CEO.

  5. The VIP program costs, if I recall, $250 dollars a month US, and you're allowed to have affiliate links on it as much as you want.

  6. and what about, can i have affilaite links?

  7. At you can have all the affiliate links and advertising you want. I'm even setting up another blog there that will carry ads, but it's a business blog for-profit, not a personal blog for self-expression.

    The two work very similarly, but you'll need to find a web host for a blog. This cost is usually under $30 per month.

  8. thanks for yur help.

    suspended blog...... money and content lost........ oh well, it's all part of the learning curve!

    thanks for your help rainoaster.

  9. What, exactly, did you spend money on? And surely you're aware that when you enter into a contract, you're bound by the terms of the contract: violating them violates the contract. That's very basic business. You still have the option of coming into line with the terms; if that's not acceptable, you have a lot of options, just not the option of staying here.

    If you ask nicely, may well allow you to export your archives to another web host. Suspension isn't deletion, you know.

  10. I'm surprised that anyone who wants to monetize a blog couldn't find the FAQs
    I'm also surprised that they wouldn't ask staff to clarify policy if they didn't understand what was being said.

  11. Just for reference, you don't get hosting from That's the download site for the software. You'll have to find a host for your site elsewhere still.

    With the software, and a host elsewhere, you can pretty much do what you want with your blog as long as you follow their ToS plocies as well.

  12. As usual, timethief and drmike have said much of what I'd have said here, and said it rather better and a whole lot quicker than I would.
    But I would like to add a few points:
    - I think it's misleading to refer to "" in discussions like this. Using the URI implies that, like, provides hosting. It doesn't. It provides software that can be hosted by others.
    - I'd prefer a term such as "WordPress Classic" or "old-school original gangsta WordPress."
    - We might use the term "WordPress Extreme" to indicate that you can have total control over your WordPress blog. You can hack it, host it yourself,... To come back to the topic of this thread, if you host it yourself, or find a host with ToS to your liking, you can write your own rules for monetization.

  13. Actually this here is WordPress Multiuser whereas the version is regular WordPress.

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