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    I am new to this, and I need some advice and/or help.
    1. I have signed up for some affiliate marketing sites ex. Amazon.
    2. should the actual link that people may use have on the top my name ex: Hello my name: you are not (my name) enter here..
    Is this what it should look like?
    3. how do I ad banners
    4. allowed or not allowed to use Adsense ?
    5 If I want adsense what do I upgrade to or what?


    User advertising is, except for a couple very narrow exceptions, not allowed on wordpress.COM. For the exceptions, see the last sentence under “Affiliate marketing blogs” in the bottom set of bullet points in the “types of blogs” link below.

    If you want to advertise, you will have to self-host a blog using the software from wordpress.ORG on a third-party hosting service such as godaddy, bluehost, etc. Figure an average combined total out of pocket of around $10 to $25 per month.

    This comes with a good bit of added responsibility. You are responsible for all installations, all updates, all backups and all troubleshooting. If something goes wrong, you have to figure it out and fix it.

    Backups are seriously important and should be done regularly, and make sure and backup the MySQL database as sell as all the site files and folders. How much data do you want to loose is always what you have to ask yourself.


    One other note: The majority of bloggers that go with advertising are lucky if they make $100 per YEAR, which of course does not cover hosting costs.



    Hi and welcome to! At the top of the forums there is a search function

    Need help? Check out our Support site, then search the forums

    A quick search in the Support site for “advertising” returned this result, which does answer most of your questions:

    Also, specifically the section on affiliate marketing.

    Bottom line is if you need to run adsense, affiliate marketing links, banners, etc. running a self-hosted blog using the software is the way to go.


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