After adding a semicolon my theme’s layout is disfigured

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    I need help and don’t know if this is the proper spot to ask or if I should just go to yahoo answers or wherever. I have been seeking for help in google but gosh trying to word the problem the same way as someone else might have worded it is difficult and I’m getting no where. Anyway, I’m not much of an expert on coding, but I was trying to fix an error by placing a semicolon (;) after this line in the coding of the functions.php:

    foreach ($comm as $t2n=>$t2v){

    When I added the semicolon it looked like this:

    foreach ($comm as $t2n=>$t2v);{

    After updating it and viewing the site it pretty much wiped out the configuration of the layout of the site. So, I went back in to remove the semicolon from the same line, updated, and refreshed the site. The site still looks disfigured, even after removing the semicolon that I should’ve never inserted in that line.

    Will someone help me fix this? Would a semicolon change something else in another file automatically? I mean I don’t understand why the theme didn’t snap back when I removed the semicolon.




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