after jetpack update homepage not showing.

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    hello there guys!i ve just updated my jetpack plugin to 1.6.1 and since then i have a problem..When i try to load my blogs homepage when i m connected to my blog,it returns me a blank screen..when i disconnect the homepage loads..
    I ve tried to disable the jetpack plugin and it loaded like a charm even if i was logged i think that something has to do with the there any solution?even rolling back to 1.6 version or resolving this?it is really annoying!

    The blog I need help with is



    I have issues with Jetpack as well. I suggest waiting while they fix this version; it’s obviously problematic.


    hello again!i m trying at least to revert to previous version but i dont know how..i dont want to delete the plugin because i ll lose my there any way to revert without deleting it?

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